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Help ensure our rescued Dogs and Cats have a safe place to wait for their Furever Families.

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If you know me, you know animals are my passion. I’ve been a volunteer with Eleventh Hour Rescue for the past 5 1/2 years. In that time, I’ve met so many incredible, dedicated fellow animal lovers and an innumerable amount of amazing dogs (and cats too). You’ve probably seen my many transport Facebook posts where I am doing two things I love...driving and helping dogs and cats on their freedom rides to their furever. You may also remember Benji, my first Kennel pet project who I worked with to become more social (adoptable) and noticed. I took him to weekly agility classes, 4-day sleepovers every week, trips to the park, hikes, ice cream and lots of car rides. I still keep in touch with his adopted dad and sometimes even dog sit 😁. There was also Abby, my first foster, who I took home the first day I met her because she had double luxatig patellars and needed surgery. I wanted to mother her while she waited for surgery. I took her for her first surgery, then paced at home like any mom would do. She recovered at home with me, and was adopted to an amazing family. Then there’s Moxie and Hampton and Bear...and the list goes on and on. Last year EHR adopted out just over 2000 dogs and cats, and in EHRs 16 years of existence, we’ve adopted out roughly 40,000 🐶 and 🐱.

People ask why I volunteer at a Rescue so far from me when there are others within minutes of my home. When I decided to volunteer six years ago, I did my research. Eleventh Hour Rescue aligned with all my beliefs, and it was the best decision I ever made. The cherry on top...once an EHR dog/cat, always an EHR dog/cat. If families can’t keep their pet for whatever the reason may be, we always take them back...whether it’s 1 year or 7 years after they’ve adopted.

EHR has been renting it’s current kennel property for the past 10 years. The land has been for sale the entire time. Well the unthinkable has finally happened. It’s been sold. Our lease is up January 2021 and we need to find a new location for the dozens of dogs that call it home. Our Building Hope campaign is a fund raising effort (to build/purchase our very own building) that started years ago, as we’ve been planning ahead knowing the land could be sold at any time. We are now in crunch time and appreciate any and all donations to this fund, no matter how big or small. It all adds up. My personal goal is $500. If each of my FB friends donated just $1-$2 each, that goal would be reached. I know 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone the world over...if you can spare just a few dollars, all the dogs would be ever so grateful. Thank you for your consideration

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Eleventh Hour Rescue | P.O. Box 44, Schooley's Mountain, NJ 07870

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